“Conversational style combines depth and humour”

Cambridge University and Clinical Psychologist

“Jamie Slevin is a terrific communicator and his conversational style combines depth -probing theories and evidence – with human warmth and good humour, bringing out the best in his guest interviewee”

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“Delightful conversation. An experience I’d repeat”

Dr Michael Brown
Times ‘Top 100 Most Influential Persons List’

“I had a delightful conversation with Jamie Slevin for the Scientistt Podcast. We covered the full range of the search for Planet Nine, from the more light-hearted public interest
side, to the details of the most recent calculations and searches. It was an experience I would be happy to repeat”

“An absolute pleasure. Not afraid to ask important questions”

Dr Chris Jackson
Professor of Sustainable Geoscience – University of Manchester

“It was an absolute pleasure to be interviewed by Jamie. He was welcoming, yet not
afraid to ask direct, incisive, important questions that focused not only on academic practise, but also people and culture.”

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“Exceptional interviewing and research skills”

Deborah Blum
Pulitzer Prize winning author

“I’d like to give a shoutout to Jamie Slevin for his exceptional interviewing skills and for his equally impressive ability to research and understand complex issues.”

“Particularly impressed by his level of preparation”

Dr Jessica Wade BEM
Imperial College London Physicist

“Jamie quickly grasped the technical content whilst maintaining an accessible line of enquiry. I was particularly impressed by how much preparatory work he had conducted before our discussion, and how careful he was to ensure we avoided the use of jargon or hyperbole.”

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“Jamie’s talent is in bringing complex ideas to life”

Psychologist and best-selling author

“Jamie’s talent is in producing conversations that bring complex ideas to life. We managed to capture the nuance of a range concepts, all while having an engaging discussion in good humour.”

“Intelligent, insightful, well-spoken and capable”

Neuroscientist, Hokkaido Univeristy

“Jamie is everything one would hope for in a host – intelligent, insightful, well-spoken and capable. My favorite part of collaborating with Jamie, however, is his unique talent for
helping to encourage conversations towards new and fascinating ends.”

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“Fantastic host. Made a complex subject accessible.”


“Jamie was a fantastic host, made me feel very comfortable, and made it very conversational. Jamie is energetic and keeps things moving in the right direction. Because of how naturally Jamie carried the discussion, this was one of my favorite conversations.”

“A wonderful and talented host. Truly surprising.”

Engineer and Researcher

“My interview with Jamie was truly surprising. He asked the perfect questions
in a sequence that allowed me to properly disseminate the content. Jamie is a wonderful and talented host who is able to lead discussions with academics on various topics”.

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“Chatting with Jamie was a wonderful experience. 5 stars.”

Professor of Molecular and Cellular Oncogenesis

“Chatting to Jamie was a wonderful experience. Jamie asked many interesting questions, and his work brings Science closer to the general public. I would give him a five stars.”

“Fully at ease with Jamie”

President of Chegg Skills

“I was fully at-ease from the start with Jamie. He did a great job of setting the topic, tone, and feel of the conversation. He appropriately balanced where to engage with his own thoughts/ experiences vs letting my story take centre stage.”

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“Extremely personable interviewer. He actively brings personality and flair”

Biochemist and Science Communicator

“Jamie is an extremely personable interviewer who makes the guest feel extremely supported. He actively brings personality and flair to his interviews with academics for an engaging and relatable show.”

“Struck the perfect conversational balance”

Molecular nutritionist – University of Newcastle

“Jamie struck the perfect conversational balance between conversation and focused insight. He was organised, professional and kind.”

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“Diligent preparation and impressive attention to detail”

Founder, London School of Sales

“Jamie’s diligent preparation, attention to detail and questioning approach made the conversation exceptionally easy. Jamie is highly competent, efficient and service orientated”

“Enjoyable, productive and genuine”

Psychology, University of South Australia

“I have been interviewed by a number of journalists and science communicators, and my interview with Jamie was one of the very most enjoyable, productive and genuine I have done.”

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